Hello everyone!

My name is Eva and I am the founder of feminine.yoga. I practice Yoga since 2006 and it has been my loyal companion ever since.

At first, however, I pushed myself a lot and was always dissatisfied with me because I didn’t make “progress” as quickly as others. I felt like there was something wrong with me since even after years of practice I could not go as deep into some Asanas then others who practiced yoga only since a few weeks.

2016 I got the Diagnosis “Endometriosis” and the more looked into this disease and what it could do with female bodies, the more I understood why my body did not “function” in certain areas as in healthy women and also sometimes shouldn´t. Daher liegt es mir sehr am Herzen Frauen im achtsamen Yoga ihren Körpern entsprechend zu unterrichten, nicht entsprechend einer strikten Vorgabe einer spezifischen Yogalehre. Meditation, breathwork, as well as the singing of Mantras are essential parts of my lessons.

Since my diagnosis I did not only look into new ways to practice yoga and its possibilities, but also other alternative methods of healing and empowerment. There are many options for us Women to live in tune with our cycle and our hormones, which we never get taught by society and western medicine. That´s why I am looking to raise awareness of these topics independently of yoga on my blog every so often.

I am looking forward to accompanying you on your personal path of healing!


My trainings

2020: Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training with Mark Walsh, Berlin

2019: 45h Moon Yoga Training with Andrea Kampermann, Happy Belly Yoga, Munich

2019: 100h Yin Yoga Training with Andrea Kampermann, Happy Belly Yoga, Munich

2018-2019: 300+h Vinyasa Yoga Training at Regina Gambarte, Yam Yoga, Munich